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Friday, October 13, 2006

Quaker Witness Southern Africa - Weblog Administrator Guide

Who can read this Internet Weblog?

The website / weblog can be read by anyone who has access to the internet and uses a web browser to read the news that have been shared. There is no way that this website can be kept private from anyone who would like to read it.

Who can post information on this Internet Weblog?

Administrators or those who have been given the posting email address of the weblog can contribute postings. (Administrators must fully publish emailed postings before they can be seen by the public)

How are posts organized?

Posts are organized in reverse chronological order - the newest posting at the top. If anyone would like to share the location of the weblog/website they would copy and paste the URL (Uniform Record Locator) http://quakersouthafrica.blogspot.com
In the body of an email and forward it to anyone.

How to post to the Weblog:

Loggin URL: http://blogger.com

User Name: As you have selected after being invited to be a member of the weblog
Password: As you have selected after being invited to be a member of the weblog

The administrator, or co-administrator(s), who can be added at any time, may post to the weblog in two major ways:

A. By Posting Directly through the weblog administrative interface
- By logging on as above,
- click on the Weblog: Quaker Witness Southern Africa,
- click on the ‘Create New Posting’ Tab
- Write or copy and paste your heading and text.
- Headings should follow the protocol – Country / Name of Project / Posting Title
- upload and position any pictures you would like
- Click on Publish Now, to make the posting visible to the public

B. By sending an email to the following posting email address:
- quakerafrica.southern'at'blogger.com

(the subject line of your email will be the title of the post, the body of the email will be the text of the posting).

- emailed postings will be posted as a ‘draft’ and not published fully until one of the administrators logs on and publishes the posting. This can be a sort of approval process, where the administrator has editing ability before the posting is fully published.

Who else can make postings on this weblog?

Anyone who has been given the posting email address: quakerafrica.west'at'blogger.com

Who may comment on a posting?

Virtually anyone. Comments to postings are restricted to those who register and sign in to the Blogger Membership Database. (Blogger is a Google free internet-based weblog software environment) Comments can be restricted further, if this is desired, for example, only to those who have been invited to be members of this weblog.

How do I add links to the right hand sidebar?

See Blogger Help.

How do I invite others to be members (and subsequently make them administrators) of the weblog?

- Loggin to Blogger.com
- Click on Quaker Witness Southern Africa
- Click on the SETTINGS Tab
- Click on MEMBERS
- type or copy and paste email addresses of those you’d like to invite
- Once members have joined, go to this page and click the box ‘Administrator’ if you’d like them to be able to fully publish emailed posts, or to be able to edit or delete postings or errant comments


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