Quaker Witness in Southern Africa

Friday, October 13, 2006

How to post to the Weblog:

Important: Posting Guidelines

To maintain some order in posting, please use the following protocol for naming and identifying the posts:

Post Title:
Country Name / Project Name - Post Title
Post Body:
Please begin each post with the writer's name, Monthly Meeting and contact information

Here's an Example: (When posting on Southern Africa website)

Lesotho / Project X - New Board of Trustees Named for Project X

posted by Marvea X. Quaker

member of Friendsville Monthly Meeting
001 212 555 1212

On January 1, 2007 the board of Trustees was named for Project X in Lesotho......etc etc etc

The administrator, or co-administrator(s), who can be added at any time, may post to the weblog in two major ways:

Loggin URL: http://blogger.com/ User Name: As you have selected after being invited to be a member of the weblog Password: As you have selected after being invited to be a member of the weblog

A. By Posting Directly through the weblog administrative interface - By logging on as above, - click on the Weblog: Quaker Witness Southern Africa, - click on the ‘Create New Posting’ Tab - Write or copy and paste your heading and text. - Headings should follow the protocol – Country – Monthly Meeting – Name of Project - upload and position any pictures you would like - Click on Publish Now, to make the posting visible to the public

B. By sending an email to the following posting email address: - quakerafrica.southern'at'blogger.com
(the subject line of your email will be the title of the post, the body of the email will be the text of the posting).

- emailed postings will be posted as a ‘draft’ and not published fully until one of the administrators logs on and publishes the posting.

Who else can make postings on this weblog?
Anyone who has been given the Send-To posting email address: quakerafrica.southern'at'blogger.com.


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